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Advanced Authentic Research
Project Complete
1919 Model-T Delivery Truck Restoration

Gunn Auto II students put the finishing touches on their year long project. Students displayed their truck at the Celebrity Showcase at the close of the school year. see more...

Principal's Cup
Teacher of the Year

Mr. Camicia wins the Teacher-of-the-Year award after 21 years of teaching Auto Shop at Gunn High School.

Gunn Auto Displays Car at Tiffany Ford Dealership in Hollister

Our Model-T Speedster on display, May-June, in the showroom at Tiffany Ford in Hollister. From the display floor, the adventurous car and driver (Mr Camicia), participates in the San Benito annual prarade, then onto a 70 mile endurance run. Mrs Camicia lends her navigational expertise as the riding mechanic. see more...

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